Monday, October 21, 2013

A Treat to Myself

I went shopping today for a few bits and bobs! Been working so much lately that I decided I deserved a little spending time so off I went to browse around Dublin after college.
My main mission was to get a comfy pair of casual shoes just to wear around because most of my shoes have heels and even though they are comfy, I just wanted a nice pair of casual trainers.
My first stop was Pennys on Henry Street as I walked by it on Saturday on the way to the Dublin Bloggers Meet Up and had to control my urge to go in then. When I went in I was completely lost at first….it was so much bigger than the one in Galway! I loved it! Most of the upstairs is shoes so I had a nice time browsing around to find the right pair. Unfortunately the pair I originally wanted didn’t come in black so I settled for a pair like it just without the lovely studs on the sides! Still happy with the buy! :D

€11 for these beauts in Pennys 

I then proceeded to look for some earrings as I literally only had one pair left. Since I had stretched my ears a couple of years ago and let them go back to normal, earrings just tend to fall out. So I always have to make sure I have backs for them. I used to have about 5 pairs of lovely owl earrings but one of each pair would always fall out of my ear without me knowing and is gone forever! I do enjoy mismatching the remaining ones I have but really needed to get some more. Also all my stud earrings got lost too!
I found a nice set of studs in Pennys which suited me perfectly. 
I also found a beautiful necklace in there while browsing for the earrings.

€3 for the necklace€3 for the set of studs also in Pennys <3

After Pennys I went into New Look to have a look around and ended up finding some lovely feather earrings and a beautiful owl earrings and necklace set….was so happy with this buy!
(If you haven’t realized by now…I love owls….)

€7.99 for the matching owl earrings and necklace. €5.85 for the gorgeous feather earrings
both in New Look

I also saw an umbrella that I just had to have….needed to get one after the horrible rain we’ve been having in Ireland lately! (Guess what was on the umbrella? :P)

€12.99 for this cute umbrella...I just had to have it 
Owls of course…. <3

I decided that was enough shopping for one day as I had spent enough money but then of course on my way out of the shopping centre I ventured into The Art and Hobby Shop…..bad idea…..ended up coming out with a cute little crafts book for sewing and stitching….. But I love it all the same :D

€25.99 in the Art and Hobby Shop
My most expensive buy today but it had to be done!

Then that was it! I controlled my urge to go into any more shops and made my way towards my bus stop. I didn’t know when the bus was but then I suddenly got a craving for a Starbucks Caramel Frappuchino….. I then had to have one. It had been so long since I had gotten a Starbucks. So off I went, past my bus stop and over to dame street where I ventured into Starbucks for my caffeine fix.

The guy at the desk was just lovely and I was chatting to him for a few minutes after he took my order, he was really pleasant to chat to. Then finally the beloved Frappuchino arrived…. I took my coffee and happily made my way to the bus stop, not really caring if I had to wait awhile for my bus home.

The real cherry on top though was as I arrived at the stop the bus showed up! A perfect ending to my shopping trip in town. <3

Me enjoying my lovely caramel freppuchino right before the bus arrived <3
Note to self: Don't take credit card with you to Dublin when you have money....:P

 Stay Beautiful


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