Thursday, September 19, 2013

LUCH Cosmetics Sample Review

Quick update with a review of a couple of products I was recently given samples of!
When I was in Dublin waiting to meet a couple of my friends I decided to go into LUSH Cosmetics on Grafton Street. I got talking to one of the representatives in the shop who told me about the products and what would suit my skin. I explained to her about my eczema and how sensitive my skin is so it can be very hard for me to find washes and gels that won’t cause a reaction.

She then shows me the Dreamwash Shower Smoothie, she explained that this product is made to suit people with easily irritated skin so they use a range of soothing natural ingredients! These include aloe vera, lavender, rose, tea tree, calamine and chamomile. I have to say that it smelled amazing! I really wanted to buy a full tub which was about €20 or so, but I had to make sure it wouldn’t react with my skin first. I told the woman that I write an online blog and am looking for new products to try out and review for other people who have the same problem with skin products as me. She seemed quite interested and said she would give me a few samples to try out.

LUSH Dreamwash Shower Smoothie

   Another product that I was given a sample of was LUSH Big Solid Conditioner. I had never heard of solid conditioner before and when I saw it I was surprised. It was just a block almost like soap, very soft and easy to break bits off. The shop assistant explained to me how to use it and gave me a good chunk as a sample also. I was delighted and thanked her! I also got to try out a couple of hand creams and moisturisers in the shop, I came out smelling fabulous! :D

LUSH Big Solid Conditoner

I tried out the products the next day during my morning shower! The Dreamwash Shower Smoothie smelled lovely and soaked into my skin nicely. The lovely smell of lavender and camomile filled the bathroom! I rinsed off the wash and my skin felt quite good but I hadn’t made up my mind it about it just yet. My skin tends to have late reactions to things, usually with bathroom items it would react when I get out of the shower and dry myself off. But this product didn’t cause any reaction or irritation and left my skin soft and smooth. The lovely smell stayed on my skin all day, not to strong but still noticeable! This is definitely a product I will be returning to buy and would recommend it for people with sensitive skin. Although I would still suggest trying a sample first if your skin is anything like mine, just to be safe. J

I also tried out the LUSH Solid Conditioner; I found it a bit difficult to make it into more of a paste to be able to put it in my hair. The shop assistant said just to lather it in my hand then apply it to my hair but it took a little while to do so. I did manage to get it in my hair though and washed it through. Once again the smell was divine! It didn’t run through my hair like a normal conditioner would as it was much thinner than other conditioners. I washed it out and after drying my hair the smell stayed nicely and every now and again I’d get a whiff of my hair and it made me quite happy! My hair came out smooth with little knots when brushing out. I then straightened it then and it was very easy to get my hair under control.

I was very happy with this product but I don’t know if I like the Solid Conditioner. When I go in again to stock up on a couple of products I may get the normal LUSH gel conditioner instead.

This was my first time using LUSH products and I was very happy with the outcome! If you want good products that aren’t hard on the skin and smell amazing then I’d definitely suggest having a look in this shop in Dublin. You might see me in there trying to decided what flavour products I want to get! There are so many different smells :D

I hope you enjoyed my little review. In my next blog I’ll be reviewing a few make-up products I received from The Body Shop, Dublin. Keep an eye out

Till Then! 

Always-Time-For-Tea <3

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