Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Usual Look

So I decided to put in an extra bit into my blog of how i do my look and the products I'd normally use. 

I was never really into fashion and make up and the likes when i was young. I was quite the tomboy but in the last few years I've become more interested in my look and expressing who i am through my image as well as my actions. 

This is my general day-to-day look anyway.
I use light foundation on my skin as i am very very pale. Some mascara and usually a bit of gloss or lipstick.

I use  Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid for my skin. Any foundation i wear is always the shade Ivory. Any darker than that and i look ridiculous.

I usually switch between mascara but right now I'm using No7 Exceptional Definition. I like this mascara as it doesn't clump bad and dries nice and quick. So i have no black lines on my eyelids.

Today I'm using Rimmel London lipstick. Shade Coral in Gold. I like this colour as it's nice and light but still has a lovely brightness to it. Lipstick isn't something I'd normally use because i find them to dark to go with my skin colour but i really like this product. It goes nicely with the light make up look.

That's pretty much my whole make up look but for moisturizer I use Moonlight Path

I absolutely love this moisturizer and recommend it to anyone who suffers from eczema/dry skin.
It's triple moisture body cream from the Signature Collection in Bath & Body Works.
I received it as a gift from America so i don't know if you can get in it Ireland. 

My perfume of choice is Lady Gaga Fame.

I absolutely love this perfume but sadly I have nearly run out! I have to restock because it is my favorite perfume to wear. 

Jewelry and The Likes

I have a few items of jewelry that I would wear on a daily basis.

My favorite necklace that I own. You can see me wearing it in the top picture as well.
I got this lovely thing in New Look in Galway for 8.

I always wear my Claddagh ring.
It has my birthstone in it also (Aquamarine - Aries)
The owl bracelet was got from Claires Accessories, Galway.
I think it was about €5. 
I absolutely love owls.
And of course my owl ring which is worn most days.
This was a gift from my friend Sabrina.
She knows me and my owl addiction all too well.

I also tend to work the Converse most of the time. Sometime i do wear High-Tops but since my recent trip to the Aran Islands for a photo shoot...they got destroyed. It was a dark time.

But here are my Superman Converse which i love dearly.

These were a gift from my mammy but generally you can get converse in any big shoe store around Ireland.
They generally cost around €50-€60 

Well that's about all for my day-to-day look.
Will post up more fashion features and items which i get my hands onto.

Till then.... :D

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