Monday, July 8, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day!

So finally the weather in Galway has picked up a bit! :D

I cant wait to get into town and enjoy the glorious weather properly. Gonna make my way down to the Spanish Arch with my buddies and chill out!

Went with the no make-up look today....too hot to wear any, would just end up running down my face! 
Also didnt bother styling my hair. Going all natural today!
Love the messy look! 

Bust out my crop top and pencil skirt for the day! 
And of course my massive sungasses! :D

Crop top was bought in Kembali Galway for 12
Pencil skirt is from Pennys. I think it was about €10
Of course my crop to has owls on it as well.....
"Owl you need is love" <3

Also managed to salvage my Hi-Tops after they got ruined at my last photo shoot on the Aran Islands.
My favorite pair of shoes currently :D

Hi-Tops bought in Penny's for €11

Today's definitely a day for the sun cream also!
Anything lower than factor 20 and i would be burnt....
Damn my extremely pale skin!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun!

Peace Out!

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